Who We Are


We are CJ and Jacs. Together we make up Sitting in the Intersection, a podcast, blog and road trip that explores differences across many different intersections. 

On this journey we'll be touring around the U.S., spending one month in each of the places we’ve chosen to visit. Along that 12-month path, our main goal will be to create a story-sharing podcast about relationships across differences, but we’ll also be writing and performing poetry, conducting workshops on identity and race, blogging about politics and travel, and documenting every step of the way. Click on our photos to find out more about each of us.

Sitting in the Intersection, for us, is about focusing on the many varied aspects of our identities and having some wide open conversations about them. From race to sexuality, religion to class, and more...we plan to take an in-depth look at what it's like to build and be in relationships and communities that are working across rarely-crossed boundaries. Sitting in an intersection can feel uncomfortable, scary, and awkward, but it is our hope that in acknowledging our differences explicitly, we may also begin to form a deeper understanding of how they bring richness to our daily lives. 

We’re looking forward to building a national network of individuals and communities who join us throughout our time on the road--we hope you'll be one of them!