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24 Reasons to Give to SITI

24 Reasons to Give to SITI

Are you trying to decide where you want your @GivingTuesday money to go? Why not consider Sitting in the Intersection? Here are 24 reasons to give to us during this 24 hours! (Let us know if you need any additional reasons.)

Here's a link to our GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/2fzknkhk

  1. Because you believe in our mission and work

  2. You want to support independent artists

  3. You’d like to get a small gift of appreciation

  4. Because you love Jackie/Jaclyn

  5. Because you love CJ

  6. Because you don’t know us and you want to make a stranger’s day

  7. Because you wish you could quit your job and do something like this, so you’re living vicariously through us

  8. Because you are obsessed with podcasts and want to hear a new one (Side note: first episode coming out in January-- Stay tuned!)

  9. Because you want your money to have a direct impact

  10. Because you want to follow our journey

  11. Because you’re a white dude and you want to give away all that extra income you’re making, relative to women and POC

  12. Because you spent too much on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you feel guilty

  13. Because you love OCRCC (5% of our #GivingTuesday donations go to OCRCC!)

  14. Because you love Youth Organizing Institute (5% of our #GivingTuesday donations go to YOI!)

  15. Because you have meaningful intersections in your life

  16. Because you like/want to hear about others’ intersections

  17. Because you want to host us, but we aren’t coming to your town

  18. Because you can see yourself in us

  19. You remember being 30 and wanting to do something like this (or actually doing it!)

  20. Because you believe in the power of art and communication for positive social change

  21. Because money is a symbol of capitalist bullshit and while we can’t (yet) de-legitimize the USD, we can use its power for good and not evil

  22. Because if someone had asked you questions about your intersections, it would have made a difference

  23. Because you want good karma points

  24. Because you’re mad Trump won the US Presidential Election, and you feel a need to take action to support good people and good work


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