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Our Biggest Announcement Yet!

Our Biggest Announcement Yet!

TLDR version: Respect and gratitude to the Greensboro Four. SITI Podcast is live on iTunes! 100 x $100 campaign is also live! Donate so that we can keep going past February. THANK YOU. And enjoy the show!

The first day of a new month seems like a good time to make a big announcement. Each month, this day brings with it an energy of newness, a reminder that we all deserve a fresh start, and a chance to reflect on what transpired in the previous 30ish days. It’s also gives us an opportunity to say to our coworkers in the kitchen at work, “Can you believe it’s already [insert month here]?!” What a time to be alive!

February 1st is extra special because it calls on us to remember this day in 1960, when four black men sat down at a Woolworth’s “whites only” lunch counter to demand service. An act of resistance simply by sitting. These individuals -- all first-year university students -- started a mass movement of sit-ins that began to grow throughout North Carolina, and then across the US. The impact was huge, during the Civil Rights Era and even on into today. The Greensboro Four inspire us and activists around the world by reaffirming that our individual actions do matter. Collectively, our tiny voices combine to make a boisterous call of accountability to ourselves and our leaders.

Standing on the shoulders of the Greensboro Four and many other activists, artists, and orators/storytellers before us, it is with great pleasure the we announce on this first day of February 2017 that Sitting in the Intersection, the podcast, is now a real live podcast that you can find in your iTunes podcast search!

We have worked hard for the last 6+ months to collect audio content of all kinds: personal interviews, live music, protest and rally sounds, and even street noises/other random sound effects. We’ve spent days upon days whittling down that audio, editing these things into stories, writing the narration for our podcasts, blog posts, poems, and stories, and hosting storytelling events in NC. We both left our jobs to pursue the dream of being independent artists and creators, and much of that was in a spirit of doing more to contribute to our communities. We basically decided to break up with Capitalism, LOLZ #soeasy. It’s been a true labor of love.

Sadly, the funding that we had to get us started has, well, run dry. We have enough money to continue our project through the end of this month, and after that, we’ll have to return to NC to find a different kind of employment.

So, it is also with this release that we announce the beginning of a new fundraising campaign for our project called “100 x $100,” where we aim to get 100 people to donate $100 to our efforts. It’s a big ask, we know.

And that’s where you come in. If you listen to our Intro episode and think, I like where they’re going with this, and I want to hear more. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, we need more artists, writers, and storytellers during this time in our nation’s history. If you have been looking for a way to contribute to the resistance, but would rather have a direct impact (as opposed to going through the bureaucracy of an organization). Or, if you just love one or the both of us a whole lot. We ask you to consider giving a gift of $100 to help us continue this work. And/or try to convince your friends and family to follow us and donate.

You may be calculating 100x100 and thinking “$10,000! Whoa, that’s a lot!” And you’re right. It IS a lot. It’s not easy to ask for this kind of money, so we’ve made a visual image of what all this money goes towards. We vow to be good stewards of your donation, and we promise to work our asses off to make you proud.

The $10,000 would go towards living, transportation, and project expenses for two independent artists/storytellers for six more months (aka the completion of our project). In exchange, we’ll be creating 100 pieces of unique artwork for our donors, and we’ll continue traveling around, searching for stories to bring you for many, many months to come.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity. To donate, click here. And, we hope you enjoy the show!

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