August 2012. Our first photo together. Awww.

August 2012. Our first photo together. Awww.

Our Story

We are CJ and Jacs, and we are homie-lover-friends.

It all started in August of 2012 when Jacs asked CJ out on a "friend date"...over Facebook. #millenials  

Over the next year or so, Jacs would support CJ's organization at monthly open mic nights at the local independent bookstore in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the two of us would exchange hugs at local protests and activist parties. Our friendship was based on similar view points on everything from youth leadership to queer theory, and we bonded over fashion accessories, our religious backgrounds, and our affinity for dancing. Our relationship grew deeper as we each began to heal after a year of deep personal loss, and now, here we are many moons later pursuing some of the dreams that we shared with one another in the beginning days of our friendship and loveship, only now we're doing it together.  

In the South, one does not simply jump into an interracial relationship. We had a slow, cautious start. We were nervous about how our families would react, and we wondered if it was worth the challenge. From the beginning we spoke very explicitly, intentionally, and openly about the impact that race, religion, and sexuality played on our relationship. Together and separately, we've processed these thoughts...A LOT. And we both see it as essential to the success of this love thang we got going on. 

In light of continued killings of black and brown bodies in the U.S. and beyond, we have long awaited an opportunity to expand the conversations we were having, to take them to a new level. And with that goal in mind, we created Sitting in the Intersection. 

It is our hope that you will become a part of our story and also share your own stories of being in relationships across differences. We ask you to follow along and join the conversation. We need your voice now more than ever.