What is Sitting in the Intersection?

A podcast, blog, and road trip that explores relationships across differences.



As we road trip around the U.S. meeting people who are in relationships across all kinds of differences, we take turns writing on the issues we hear about from others and experience ourselves. Through poetry, opinion pieces, and politically-driven essays, we aim to explore topics specific to race and racism with an intersectional lens.



Once a month we release a new episode of our podcast, where we invite family, friends, and people we meet on our road trip to sit with us in the middle of our intersecting identities and have a chat. We'll explore and process the personal and political nature of our relationships as well as the healing power that love across differences can have.



Poetry performances. Workshops. Community meals. Story-sharing days. Collective art projects. And more. Keep up with us as we travel from state to state, never staying more than a month, in an effort to get a feel for racial and cultural environments in different regions of our country. We'll likely be in a community near you soon--come see us!